Owner: Bob Nocentino
Nocentino Home, Inc.

"I build custom homes in different townships. Some building inspectors interpret the new energy codes differently. Whatever the inspectors needed, Fortune was able to furnish, so our insulation inspections passed."

Owner: Brad Simon
Simon-Watt Construction Services

"My company subcontracted the Casino portion of the Revel Casino - Atlantic City. Fortune supplied all the insulation. From full tractor trailer loads to box truck deliveries. Service was excellent. Time is money and they were always on time."

Owner: Perry
Jersey Construction Services

"Fortune Insulation did a great job! From my architects plans to the finished house. Fortune makes it look easy. I just have to pick up the phone."

Owner: Paul Higbee
Linwood Builders, LLC.

"Closed cell, open cell, fiberglass, whatever my architect asked for, Fortune has been able to accomplish. Complete, thorough and knowledgeable."

Owner: Michael Cristaldi
Cristaldi Builders, LLC.

"Fortune always does a great job. Spray foam is not an easy process. With Fortune, they get it right every time!"

Home Owner: George Gilmore, Esquire
Toms River, N.J.

"I built my custom home on the bay in Toms River. I wanted the very best that spray foam had to offer. I am very happy I chose Fortune."

Owner: Mike Baine
Baine Contracting, Inc.

"My Salesman is great to work with. He really knows the insulation business and follows up on all our jobs."

Owner: Jacob Yoel
East Shore Development Co., LLC.

"I was very satisfied with the service Fortune provided. My salesman was very knowledgeable about spray foam and fiberglass. I look forward to working with Fortune in the future!"

Owner: Arvo Prima
PR-I-MA Corporation

"We are very happy with the work performed by Fortune over the last two years. They always complete our projects on time and on budget."

Home Owner: Brian & Eric Abbondanza
108 Year old home - Historic Tuckerton, NJ

Job: Added Blown-in Certainteed SP Fiberglass Insulation in empty wall cavities. Fortune used a combination of Fiberglass Batt Insulation and Spray Foam in areas that were renovated.

“Immediately, we noticed the difference! Since Fortune insulated our home we’ve noticed increased comfort and less outside noise disturbance. Our electric and heating bills have gone down dramatically. The money we paid for the job was definitely worth the savings.

Home Owner: Chris Schiraldo
Existing home in Brigantine, NJ (Shore community)

Job: Spray Foam in crawl space/floor

“I wasn’t happy with the fiberglass insulation in my flooring. The floor always seemed cold and drafty. I decided to remove the fiberglass insulation and have Fortune Insulation seal the floor with 5 of Spray Foam Insulation. They did a great job and the spray foam product made all the difference.

Home Owner: Chris & Vera Roth
New home in Bayville, NJ (2 Story "Energy Star" with Basement)

Job: R-40 Fiberglass Batt Insulation - "Energy Star" specifications.

Dear Joey,

"We are writing to let you know how happy we are with the work that your company has done on our new home. You were here to work exactly when you said you was going to be here, were always very polite and very pleasant to be around, and worked fast and efficiently, always with the utmost care, as if it were your own house on which you were working.I trying to achieve Energy Star status Fortune Insulation's work, along with our geothermal heating and cooling system and other "green" additions to our house, we achieved the best score that our NJ Energy Star office has seen! We are extremely proud of this accomplishment! Again, thank you so much for being such a great help to us, and we hope you share in our excitement!"