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  • Commercial and Industrial
  • New Residential Construction
  • Existing Homes
  • Renovations

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Demilec, a Spray Foam manufacturer, provides insulation solutions for energy efficient designs. We offer two types of Demilec Spray Foam: Open Cell SEALECTION® 500 and Closed Cell HEATLOK® Soy foam. Both products can be used in most building applications.

SEALECTION® 500 Promotional Video


SEALECTION® 500 is an insulation breakthrough. Spray-applied as a liquid, it expands within seconds to 120 times its volume to fill every nook and cranny, providing superior energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality by eliminating air movement through walls. SEALECTION® 500 is a non-toxic spray foam which has undergone extensive testing and meets the intent of all building code requirements. SEALECTION® 500 reduces airborne noise and dust, making it the healthy choice for those who suffer from allergies, asthma or chemical sensitivity. SEALECTION® 500 is the smart choice for healthy living.

The Perfect Green Choice for:
  • Cathedral Ceilings
  • Wall Cavities
  • Conditioned attics
  • Wood and/or Steel Construction
  • Crawl Spaces


HEATLOK® Soy Promotional Video

HEATLOK SOY®, a closed cell Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation, has a unique ecological benefit that recycles plastic waste into a Rigid Spray Polyurethane Foam. This helps to more efficiently utilize the world’s non renewable resources. HEATLOK SOY® can reduce excess waste and energy consumption in buildings by up to 50%. This is an excellent closed-cell spray foam insulation/air-barrier used in areas where relative humidity levels exceed 55%. American Air Barrier Association approved

The Perfect High-Humidity Choice for:
  • Basement Walls
  • Foundation Exteriors
  • Swimming Pools
  • Wine Cellars


Basic Use: Fiber glass building insulation is intended for use in either residential or commercial construction as thermal and acoustical insulation in ceilings, walls and floors. The product is available unfaced or kraft-faced and is designed for use in standard wood stud and steel frame assemblies.

Benefits: Installing Fiber Glass Building Insulation is an easy, cost-effective method to help conserve energy in the residential and commercial new construction, remodeling, and reinsulation markets. In addition to its thermal properties, Fiber Glass Building Insulation also provides excellent acoustical performance. It is compression packaged for ease of handling, and its broad availability of R-values, sizes and facings ensures the right product for the job.


Basic Use: These products are designed for use in commercial and residential wall and ceiling assemblies to effectively reduce transmission of airborne sound and provide thermal insulation.

Benefits: They provide excellent acoustical performance to help reduce sound transmission between adjoining rooms. These lightweight, flexible products are easy to handle and fabricate on the job site and conform to irregular surfaces. The permanent,inorganic glass fibers will not rot or deteriorate.


Basic Use: InsulSafe® SP Fiber Glass Blowing Insulation is used in residential and commercial construction as a thermal and acoustical insulation. It is designed for pneumatic installation in open attic areas and for retrofitting enclosed sidewall and floor/ceiling construction assemblies.

Benefits: This product is noncombustible, noncorrosive and odor free. In addition, InsulSafe SP won’t settle, contains no chemicals to cause mildew and fungus growth, contains no formaldehyde, provides no sustenance for vermin, contains no asbestos, won’t rot or decay and won’t absorb moisture.


Today's building codes require some type of fire protection for residential and commercial construction. We offer a variety of products made by Hilti and Dow Chemical.